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Liubov Charkashyna - with her "Love"

Liubov Charkashyna who is a former rhythmic gymnast from Belarus, a bronze medalist of the Olympic Games London 2012. She deserves not only numbers of podiums and medals of international competitions also, her sublime character. She is always smiling at everybody and it helps the atmosphere relaxed. Being always friendly, she never leaves her friends and fans. Meanwhile before that, she is a genuine athlete. Her serious warm-up before the competitions brings herself into own world, and she performs her routines with full of energy all the time.

Her first name "Liubov" literally means "Love" in Russian and this "Love(любовь)" represents who she is. A quote of hers sounds symbolic, "this bronze medal is not mine but for my country, coach, rhythmic gymnastics in Belarus and again, all over the country." And allegedly the medal is currently stored at a museum in Belarus for gymnasts in the future.


  Special thanks  Ginnastica Ritmica Nervianese


リュボフ・チャルカシナ - 彼女の魅力



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