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Scheduled Blackouts

11th of March 2011, a catastrophic earthquake hit Japan. In the metropolitan area, where is even more than 300km (about 190miles) far from the epicentre, it quaked overwhelmingly and left lots of effects. Because a nuclear reactor which is located near the epicentre (Fukushima) was damaged by a Tsunami, the electricity supplies in Tokyo were reduced. Accordingly, the government of Japan decided to conduct "Scheduled Blackouts" in Tokyo and its outskirts apart from metropolitan areas. These images show that the situations during the Scheduled Blackouts.



2011年3月11日、東日本大震災が発生。震源地から300km (約190マイル)以上離れた首都圏でさえ激しく揺れ、大きな影響を残した。津波の被害により福島第一原子力発電所から首都圏への電力供給不足が懸念され た。伴って日本政府は"計画停電"の実施を決定、大都市圏を除いた東京及びその周辺地域において実施された。写真は停電中の模様を写し出している。

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